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I didn’t wake up one day with a great attitude and decide to start writing a parenting blog. Honestly, before I got to this place,  I was a mess. Picture a stay-at-home mom surrounded by her three children, perpetually sleep deprived and wondering, hoping, praying life gets easier one day. That was me! I was constantly stressed, tired, short-tempered, and wondering why I felt I could never get enough “me” time.

Despite doing my best, I was struggling through parenthood.

I spent so much time surrounded by my messy house, feeling overwhelmed and like I was failing at my responsibilities. Sometimes I would try to rationalize with myself. I would say “it will get better one day,” and “there just isn’t enough time in the day.” It would work for a little while, but then I would look at some new problem and wonder why I couldn’t keep up with my life. I was always wondering what was wrong with me.

My three children and me
My three babies

I started to find my way.

The answer I was looking for was that there was nothing wrong with me, but everything wrong with how I was thinking about me. I was overwhelmed and exhausted and I was basically just living in those emotions. I didn’t know how to get out of this loop of thinking these depressing thoughts. Also, I didn’t know how to manage my life in a way that empowered me instead of dragging me down.

One day I started listening to some podcasts while doing the dishes and things started to finally make sense to me. I started reading and listening to as much information as I could. I was learning how to motivate myself, change my mindset, and start pinpointing the areas of stress in my life. One of the biggest lessons I learned was that I couldn’t try to make big huge sweeping changes that would inevitably fail and leave me feeling even more guilty. I needed to make little changes and take little steps.

Family photo Easter 2018
Family photo Easter 2018

Little steps began to grow into big things.

These little steps gave me that feeling of success and accomplishment I was missing. Plus the good feelings I got from completing them motivated me to take more and more little steps. Next thing I knew I was building all of these little steps on top of each other and I felt so much better. I was less stressed, more patient, and I finally felt in control of my life. All of my little steps had built up to something big and happy.

I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to help other parents.  I wanted to help them find solutions to the everyday problems that we all encounter. Problems that interfere with our ability to enjoy our life or our family. That’s when I created this parenting blog. I hope you enjoy your time here and find something that helps your life feel a little less stressful. I also hope I can help give you the courage to find your own little steps to find your big happy.

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