7 Simple Tricks that Will Help Overwhelmed Moms

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Have you ever felt like you have 50,000 things to do as a mom and there is absolutely no way you will ever get it done? Does your day feel like all you do is run from task to task, and yet there are always things leftover at the end of the day that you just didn’t get to?

I have felt like that. A LOT! If you feel this way, then I want you to keep reading because I have written the help for overwhelmed moms list I wish I had figured out earlier.

7 Simple Tricks That Will Help Overwhelmed Moms

How I felt like the mom who just couldn’t keep up.

I used to feel so tired and overwhelmed almost every day. It felt like I was constantly doing stuff while simultaneously being surrounded by all the things I didn’t get to.

I would cook, and take care of the kids all day just to see my super messy house staring at me making me feel like a crappy mom.

Or I would spend all day cleaning, and then I was exhausted and impatient with my kids (who I hardly paid attention to) so I still felt like a crappy mom.

I was constantly wondering how other moms managed to do it all, and why I couldn’t. Below are the things I started doing that have helped me let go of a lot of mom guilt and feel a lot less overwhelmed.

Tips and Help for Overwhelmed Moms

Pick 3-4 Top Priorities for each day

Every night before I go to bed, I pick my top priorities for the next day. These are usually the things that I feel like I have to get done. I’m not talking about things like doing the dishes or walking the dog. I mean things outside of my daily routine.

For example, my priority tasks for today were:

  • write my blog posts
  • attend 2 birthday parties
  • pick up groceries

That’s it. Those are the 3 things today that if I get done I can look back on my day feeling like I took care of the things that absolutely had to get done.

Now there are other things I would like to get done, (like the dishes, go for a walk, maybe sneak in some more blog work for example). However, if the toddler has a meltdown or I end up super exhausted from 2 different birthday parties, I can relax knowing I accomplished the important stuff today.

Ask for help

Asking for help is very difficult for me. However, I have noticed that when I do it, I get a lot more done. I also feel a lot less stressed and overwhelmed thinking that I’m responsible for everything all the time.

If you have family nearby, ask them to watch the kids for a few hours so you can get some tasks checked off your list. If you have friends with kids, offer to do a playdate swap every other week. They take all of the kids for a few hours on Saturday and the next weekend you return the favor.

Sometimes even just having a friend come over to talk and keep me company while I fold laundry or tackle some chores will do wonders for how much I get done. It’s amazing how much faster chores go by when you have some company.

Take a 30-minute break

If you are feeling tired and overwhelmed with the mountain of tasks ahead of you and the screaming kids who are fighting and flying off the couch, I want you to give yourself permission to take a 30-minute break.

That’s 30 minutes to let everything wait so you can regroup enough to tackle what you need to get done. Check out my list of 10 self-care ideas that don’t require a babysitter if you need some ideas on how to spend those 30 minutes.

Make sure you set a timer for your break. You don’t want an hour to go by without you realizing it and now you are feeling guilty for taking too long of a break.

Create routines your children can follow independently

Once you put this tip into action it is an amazing help for overwhelmed moms. It can take some practice to put into effect, but once you get it going, it frees up a lot of time and energy for you.

It might seem surprising, but children LOVE routines. They thrive on the predictability and consistency that comes from knowing exactly what is expected of them and what comes next.

Once my kids finally got the hang of our routines, I had a lot less on my plate. Now instead of hovering and nagging our way through things like bedtime, I just tell them to go get ready for bed and they just go follow their routine. (It’s pretty wonderful!)

Here are some good times of the day that you can implement some independent routines:

Talk to someone about how you are feeling

I know during the times that I was struggling the most with feeling overwhelmed and as though I would never figure out this motherhood thing, I tended to isolate and draw back from people.

I didn’t want them to know that I was having so much trouble since it seemed like they weren’t.

Once I started opening up with other moms about how I was feeling I actually learned that I wasn’t the only one who was having a hard time. It turns out that most of us really are kind of a mess.

It helped me a lot to learn that most of the things that I was struggling with (messy house, exhaustion, stress eating, never having enough time, mom guilt, etc) were all things that everyone else was going through too.

When you open up with people about your struggles, you then get the chance to commiserate together and possibly share any tips or advice that might help the other person.

Even if you don’t solve any of your problems, feeling like you aren’t alone and being able to voice your feelings out loud can bring a lot of relief. Relief that most overwhelmed moms could really use.

Journal every day

If you are not in the practice of journaling than this tip might seem like something you will just want to skip over. I really want to encourage you to give it a try. Journaling every day has helped lower my stress levels, my depression, and helped me to be more productive.

Every night before I go to bed, I take about 10 minutes to journal. I have an app on my phone that I like to use called Journey.  First I simply write down how my day went. I write down the good and the bad and how I feel about it.

Next, I write down my meal plan for the next day, 3 things I’m grateful for, and my priorities for the next day.

Woman Journaling

Why journaling is so helpful

Journaling gives you an opportunity to get all of the crazy, negative, stressful thoughts out of your head. By taking the time to write them down, you are forcing your brain to acknowledge what you are thinking.

Most people think on average about 50,000 thoughts a day. That’s 50,000 different ideas and emotions swirling around in your brain. It is impossible for us to actually analyze those thoughts with any sort of objectivity.

When you write your thoughts down, your brain can now work on analyzing and solving them.

For example, one of my journal entries was about how my toddler had been so needy and whiney that day and constantly wanted my attention. Once I wrote that down, my brain automatically started trying to figure out why he had been so needy and whiney.

When I took the time to think about it without the stress of him constantly crying and screaming for me to hold him, I could realize that he hadn’t slept well the night before and he didn’t eat well that day.

Now that I knew what the cause of his behavior was, I could then think of some things to do differently the next day to change it.

That whole process feels a lot better than dealing with a needy, whiney toddler day after day.

Find some sort of support system

Parenting is tough! I have not met a mom yet who couldn’t use some support. Even something as simple as knowing that you are not alone and that the things you might be experiencing are completely normal can be a huge help for overwhelmed moms.

There are tons of online support groups on Facebook that you can find. Simply pick a topic important to you, add the word mom and search.

If you care about improving your health and fitness, check out my group Health Conscious Mommas.

If you want more in-person interaction you can find lots of local groups in your area. Check out Meetup.com to find mom groups near you.

You can also join my parenting email list. I send out weekly emails where I share my real-life struggles and successes in my own parenting journey, plus any tips or advice I learn that might help you in yours.

You can sign up for my parenting email list below. 


So those are my 7 simple tips that will help overwhelmed moms. I hope they are as helpful for you as they have been in my own life.

If you have any other great tips and help for overwhelmed moms, comment below or email me at Candice@littlestepsbighappy.com. You can also follow me on Pinterest here for more parenting advice and support. 

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7 Simple Tricks That Will Help Overwhelmed Moms

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