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On this page, you’ll find all the videos and recordings from our group. I’ll be updating this page weekly with the new videos that come out.

Weekly Coaching Videos

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Do you have a question that you’re not comfortable asking in front of everyone? You can submit it with the button below. I’ll answer it during our weekly live Q&As, so you can get an answer while remaining anonymous.

Additional Resources

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Book a 1-on-1 coaching call!

With your membership, you get a 50% discount on coaching calls. If you need to troubleshoot a problem or get some extra advice on how to keep moving forward, let’s chat! Click the button below to book your call.

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25% off my Etsy Shop!

With your membership, you get a 25% off everything in my Etsy shop. I’ve got weight loss trackers, meal planning worksheets, fitness motivation ebooks, and more! Click the link below to see what’s on sale. (Use the code: NOMOREEXCUSES at checkout)

Workout picture and picture of woman stretching with text: 5-Day Movement & Motivation Course: Get moving, get consistent, get results.

Bonus #1: 5 Day Movement & Motivation Course

5-day video course to learn my best tips for staying motivated to exercise regularly. Get moving, get consistent, and get results! Click the button below to start the course!

Building Your Best You - Fitness Motivation Ebook

Bonus #2: 90 Day Fitness Planner & Tracker

Fitness journal with pages for planning your workouts and meal plans, as well as tracking your progress. Use this planner to help achieve your fitness goals in no time! Click the button below to download your copy!

Tablet with the picture of a woman holding an apple and a donut. Text: 12 Dieting myths ruining your weight loss

Bonus #3: 12 Dieting Myths Ruining Your Weight Loss Ebook

Debunk some of the most common diet myths, so you can finally stop stressing about food and start losing weight. Click the button below to download your copy!

Picture of Candice McDaniel, dumbbells, bowl of granola, and measuring tape. Text: 2022 New Year, New You - 5 Day Healthy Habits Challenge Jan 3-7

2022 New Year, New You – 5 Day Healthy Habits Challenge

Kick things off on the right foot with this 5-day video challenge.

  • Day 1: The Main Pillars of Weight Loss
  • Day 2: Setting Achievable Goals
  • Day 3: Time Hacks for Busy Moms
  • Day 4: How to Stay Consistent
  • Day 5: How to Stay Motivated

Click the button below to start the challenge!

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