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I wanted to tell you about my Facebook Group called Mommas Getting Fit.

It’s a support and accountability group for moms. We talk about recipes, meal prep, exercise, and how to possibly find time to do it all when you have a busy family to manage too!

Getting fit and healthy is not always easy and it can feel super lonely when it seems like you are the only one trying not to stress eat your kids leftover PB&J sandwich after they leave the table. (I am SO guilty of that one!)

We are not a group of women who have it all figured out. We are just a group of moms who are hoping to maybe lose a few pounds, eat healthier, and figure out how to find time to exercise when the toddler won’t let you put him down.

If you think that you would like to hang out with us and get some support in your own health and fitness journey, come check us out!

Mommas Getting Fit: Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, & Exercise

Weight Loss Support group for moms

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  1. I don’t have kids, but all the tips you share still apply to me. I am 52 and working from home has made me so sedintary and I am now in the worst shape of my life. I used to go to Zumba at the gym and that is no longer a safe option. Any advice for building new habits that are COVID-era compatible when you used to be out and about doing things like meeting people for dinner and working out at the gym?

    • Great question. Covid has definitely required a lot of changes to people’s exercise routines. It sounds like you really enjoyed getting out and exercising in a more social environment. Here are some suggestions that might help:
      1.) Join some virtual workout classes. Some people have moved classes to zoom and platforms like that. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s a start.
      2.) You can set aside time to do workout videos at home. It takes a lot getting used to exercising in an environment you’re used to only relaxing in, but it can definitely be done. Try setting aside a certain time and area of your home to do your workouts.
      3.) Take your workouts outdoors with a trusted partner. You could do walking, yoga workouts, swimming, things that you can do outdoors by yourself or with someone who your comfortable.

  2. Thanks, for the workbook. Hope it applies to me too! My kids are all adults now! I am retired and finding Covid a bit stressful and frightening.

    • You’re welcome! The workbook should help you get clear on some steps to help you start taking action and feeling a bit more in control. Moms with younger kids are who I typically relate to most, but the tips in the workbook apply to just about everyone. 😊


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