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Congratulations! You have officially taken the first steps to building a stronger and healthier version of you! Speaking of building your best you…

Learn how to stay motivated and consistent so you can make real progress with your fitness goals!

Want to figure out how to stay motivated and consistent with your workouts? Well now you can. “Building Your Best You” was written for busy moms, like you, to not only help you create attainable fitness goals, but CRUSH them!

Besides the valuable content within the chapters, you’ll get an action plan worksheet, workout logs, goal sheets, monthly and weekly planning templates and so much more!


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Building Your Best You - Fitness Motivation Ebook

What’s Inside?

  • 56 page Fitness Motivation Ebook (PDF)
  • 15 pages of worksheets to create a killer Exercise Plan
  • Learn how to stay motivated and consistent with your workouts

Love for "Building Your Best You"
“I am a mom of 2 homeschool boys, run my own service-based online business, and run a small family farm with my husband. Before reading “Building Your Best You” I didn’t know how to fit fitness into my daily, busy life.
The thing I love most about ‘Building Your Best You’ is how Candice really breaks everything down which helped me create a fitness plan that fits into my life!
I am taking it one step at a time and doing things my way. I finally feel empowered to take my health and wellness into my own hands, knowing that I can create and customize my fitness routine as my life evolves.”
Mom of 2

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Topics Covered

Exercise Motivation ebook


Understanding Your Why

Exercise Motivation Ebook


How to Create Exercise Goals You Will Actually Work Towards

Exercise Motivaiton Ebook


Creating the Perfect Exercise Plan

Exercise Motivation Ebook


The Importance of Variety

Exercise Motivation Ebook


How to Build (& Keep!) Motivation

Exercise Motivation Ebook


How to Make Consistency Easier

Exercise Motivation Ebook


How to Find Time to Exercise as a Busy Mom

Exercise Motivation Ebook


Common Barriers to Motivation and Consistency

Exercise Motivaiton Ebook


15 pages of Printable Fitness Planners & Trackers

Building Your Best You - Fitness Motivation Ebook

Building Your Best You

A mom’s guide to building motivation, exercising consistently, and crushing your fitness goals!

Everything you need to know to stay motivated and consistent with your workouts. Learn how to prioritize your health and fitness so you can get the fit, strong body you want.

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